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Before trying this GK Zweigelt, I couldn’t help but think of the rusticity often associated with the varietal. As soon as I opened this beautifully presented bottle, I knew this wine was going to over-deliver. The nose is true to character with the previously mentioned rustic nature coming through with earthy aromas, but it is the bright ruby fruit that takes center stage.

On the palate, the wine starts off with an intense dark cherry flavor that softened slowly to a more mineral-driven and drier-than-expected finish, much to my enjoyment. The soft yet elegant wine shows its red berry flavors from start to finish with the tannins taking a back seat to the fruit.  The Zweigelt is excellent straight out of the bottle, but will reward consumers with blossoming aromatics after thirty minutes in a carafe.  This wine truly possesses a lively spirit that pairs well with any occasion.

EPISODE 1 - Grüner Veltliner
Once again GK Vineyards surprised me with their outstanding indigenous Austrian varietal.  Whether consuming this wine in a blind taste test, or tasting it on its own, the GK Grüner Veltliner is a standout commodity.
Straight from the beginning there is an infusion of wet slate mineral content, citrus and peach fragrances beckoning to be uncovered. Each consecutive sip and smell yields new flavors and aromas. Here we have a very refreshing, pleasantly acidic wine with a certain white pepper, dill, and even jalapeno like character.
The silky medium bodied structure, strikingly long finish, beautiful fragrance, and aforementioned characteristics, make this GK Grüner Veltliner extremely well-suited for food pairings or even a late afternoon social event.

After a quick perusal of the market, this GK Syrah really caught my eye – this is the first example of Syrah I have seen from Austria. The possibilities of this noble varietal in the region around Vienna are very intriguing given the similarities between the appellation and the Northern Rhône.

This is a well-built, rich & powerful wine with ripe, vivid raspberry, wild berry, black tea, dried herbs and mineral notes, gaining spice and tobacco on the overtone, and lifting elegantly on the finish. 

The tannins tighten nicely but with a few more years, this wine will reveal its true identity as a soft, mature, silky, and enticing Syrah that shows the best of both the Old World and the New. A real pleasure to open, serve and consume; this will be a wine to watch for years to come.






Gk Vines | David

Sommelier Mr. David Lightfoot.

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